Board Minutes

The Florida Youth Soccer Association's Board of Directors holds four meetings throughout the seasonal year. All meetings discuss past, present and future FYSA matters. The dates for this year are listed here:

Meeting Month Day Location

BOD Meeting



Lakeland, FL.



Unapproved Minutes

Date Type Document






BOD Thursday Night

BOD Friday Meeting

General Session

BOD Meeting

BOD Meeting

BOD Meeting Thursday Night Minutes

BOD Meeting Friday Morning Minutes

General Session - Transcription

BOD Meeting Unapproved Minutes/Transcription - 8/13/2017

October 21, 2017 Unapproved Minutes


Per the FYSA procedure, the unapproved minutes will be posted up to 30 days after the current meeting. The approved minutes will be posted up to 7 days after the current meeting.

EC and BOD Approved Minutes Can Be Found in the Documents Below 

Document Description Post Date
EC Meeting Approved Minutes - May 9, 2015 .PDF Document Aug 13, 2015
1/25/2015 EC Meeting .PDF Document May 29, 2015
10/25/14 EC Meeting .PDF Document Feb 06, 2015
8/1/2014 EC Meeting (AGM) .PDF Document Nov 12, 2014
5/10/14 EC Meeting .PDF Document Sep 08, 2014
1/25/2014 EC Meeting .PDF Document May 13, 2014
11/25/2013 EC Conference Call .PDF Document Feb 17, 2014
10/26/2013 EC Meeting .PDF Document Feb 17, 2014
8/2/2013 EC AGM Meeting .PDF Document Nov 26, 2013
5/11/2013 EC Meeting .PDF Document Sep 06, 2013
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