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Board of Directors

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Email Address
Marino Torrens
Secretary Jill Sheltry
Eric Heidel
Vice President of Coach/Player Development
John Stacey
Vice President of Administration & Communications
Becky McLaren
Vice President of Competition
Frank Villaizan
Alice Smith
Region A Vice President
Marco Ortega
Region A Commissioner-North
Shenoy Raghuraj
Region A Commissioner-South
Linda Soeder
Appointed Regional A Commissioner-North
Russell Walker
Appointed Regional A Commissioner-South
Michael Weber Jr
Region B Vice President
Rhonda Link-Cummings
Region B Commissioner-North
Terri Towers
Region B Commissioner-South
Joe Goldian
Appointed Regional B Commissioner-North
Todd Phillips
Appointed Regional B Commissioner-South
Kristi Oettl
Region C Vice President
Dave Ditillio
Region C Commissioner-North
Bob Stover
Region C Commissioner-South
Tim Smith
Appointed Regional C Commissioner-North
John Withowski
Appointed Regional C Commissioner-South
Ed Kinsey
Region D Vice President
Sandra Lehtio
Region D Commissioner-East
Terry Straub
Region D Commissioner-West
Jack Knight
Appointed Regional D Commissioner-East
Jacob Lehtio
Appointed Regional D Commissioner-West
Kim Stacey
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