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Risk Management

Dispute Background Check

Each and every coach/volunteer, by application for participation in Florida Youth Soccer Association ("FYSA") programs, must complete a Risk Management Disclosure Form. 

If you review the results of your background check and notice in the "comment section" that additional information or action is required, please complete the Request for Reinvestigation form here and return it to the Consumer Disclosure Department of (location listed on the form). You should be able to see the issues that need resolution in your account.  
Until such time as resolution is completed, your coach/volunteer status with FYSA will remain "Not Approved." 

FYSA takes its Risk Management Program very seriously.

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Recognize a Possible Concussion

The CDC and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) have prepared materials discussing how to recognize a possible concussion and how to respond should a player have a concussion.

You can view the CDC video here.

You can read the AAFP document here.

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What to do if your player has a concussion

Click on the links below to download the recommended procedure and protocol as well as a concussion notification form provided by U.S. Youth Soccer.

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Concussion Forms

Below are the forms that must be filled out should a player suffer from a possible concussion as well as the form a player's parent or legal guardian must complete giving their informed consent.

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Goal Safety

Goal Safety Procedures

As we progress further into spring and the start of the new soccer season, please remind your coaches and referees to inspect BEFORE EVERY PRACTICE, TRAINING ACTIVITY AND GAME that (1) all goal posts and nets for safety, that they are properly anchored and secured, and (2) the field and areas around the field that is being used. 
For further information, please see the US Youth Soccer website.Click here.

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Goal Re-Sizing

It has been brought to the attention of FYSA that US Youth Soccer has changed the recommended size of the goals to be used for the U11/12 age group from 7’ x 21’ to 6’ x 18’.

FYSA has no issue if those parties with 7’ x 21’ goals have them re-sized to 6’ x 18’ by any means necessary that then does not comprise the integrity and/or strength of the goals. Any structural work associated with the re-sizing must be performed by a qualified professional to meet or exceed the original manufactures’ specifications.

In addition, all goals must be securely anchored to the ground during any FYSA-sanctioned activity.

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Hydration and Heat Illness Guidelines

To view an article from the US Soccer Federation website, click here!
To view an article about Heat Stress Guidelines, click here!

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Proper Hydration: FYSA Water Break Policy

The Florida Youth Soccer Association has a responsibility to the players within our association to make sure they are playing in a safe environment.  One of the dynamics of our state is that it’s a hot and humid climate.  Our climate can create a dangerous situation for heat illnesses (i.e. heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke).  Based on our situation, we must ensure that our players are properly acclimated, hydrated, and, after the match, re-hydrated in order to make sure that our players are able to function in the environment that is Florida soccer.

There are steps that we as coaches and administrators must take to ensure proper hydration of our players, which is crucial in making sure our players are fully prepared to play.  FYSA athletic trainers feel that most players today do not properly hydrate themselves prior to play.

Players need to hydrate themselves throughout the day:

• Two to three hours prior to participation, players should drink 16 oz. (2 cups) of fluids.
• Ten minutes prior to activity the players should drink 8oz. (1 cup) of fluids.
• Fluids can be water or sports drinks.

The reason for proper hydration prior to the activity is to allow for absorption into the players’ systems. During the match, players need to replace the fluids that are lost during the activity.  Rehydration should occur after the activity.  It typically takes four to six hours after the activity for players to rehydrate themselves.  Leagues and tournaments need to take this into account when scheduling games.

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What is the FYSA Water Break Rule & Protocol

FYSA Water Break Rule and Protocol

402.4 In any FYSA sanctioned match a break will be given at the midpoint of each half of regulation time and at the end of each overtime period (if played) for player hydration. This break will be given at a normal stoppage of play and it is mandatory for any FYSA sanctioned match during which the air temperature is or is expected to reach eighty-five (85) degrees. This break will be a maximum of one (1) to two (2) minutes of time.

Rule 402.4 applies to FYSA sanctioned matches.

  • National League, Southern Premier League, and Region III Premier League do not fall under this requirement.
  • Although not a requirement FYSA would recommend teams U10 and below play in quarters with a break of 2-3 minutes between quarters 1-2 and 3-4 to allow for water break and player changes.  Thus they would be allowed to leave the field.

The decision in regards to a water break should be made before the match starts.

  • The referee or the event site director would make the decision on the need for a water break.

The stoppage should be at a normal stoppage as close to the midpoint as possible.

  • The referee determines the timing of the match therefore the timing of the break.

Participating players should remain on the field.

  • Bench personnel and non-participating players can supply fluids.

Normal substitution based on the reason for the stoppage would apply.

  • In a limited substitution match this would equate to a normal stoppage.

The referee should treat this stoppage just like any other normal stoppage of play as it relates to game time and extend the time for the stoppage.

The stoppage should be no longer than 1-2 minutes.

  • This stoppage should be closer to 1 minute than 2.
  • This is not a coaching opportunity.  Coaches can be warned especially if their coaching is delaying the game.

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Small-Sided Games

Age Group Formats, for all competition sanctioned  by FYSA shall be as follows:

U7 & U8 - 4 v 4 with no goalkeeper
U9 & U10 - 6 v 6  including a goalkeeper
U11  - 8 v 8  including a goalkeeper
U12 -  8 v 8 including a goalkeeper
U13 and above - 11 v 11  including a goalkeeper
Playing formats:  A festival format shall be used for players U8 and below.  A festival format is recommended for players for U10 players. 

Follow USYSA requirements for field size, ball size, etc.

Visit US Youth Soccer's Small-Sided Games page for more information.

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Recommended Warm Ups

Warming up prior to playing and training is a matter of routine for any serious player. A smart warm-up not only improves your performance, but also helps you to prevent injuries. "The 11+", the new injury prevention programme from FIFA’s Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC), provides a complete, football-specific warm-up and can easily be integrated into a daily training routine.

Click here to get more information about the program and see warm ups.

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