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From the Region Vice President

On behalf of the Region C Regional Commissioners and myself, welcome to the FYSA Region C Homepage. Our region has over 75 affiliates and is home to 9 TOPS programs. Communication is the key when dealing with so many affiliates; therefore we have created a central location for you to come to get information on the FYSA Championship Series, ODP and more. We hope you will visit this site regularly to get all your up-to-date news for our region.    
As we move to a new season, let’s make it our mission to create a safe environment for kids to have FUN and enjoy the game of SOCCER. If throughout the season you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Regional Commissioner or myself; our email addresses are listed below.
David J. DiTillio
Region C VP

Region C Contacts

Region C Vice President
Dave Ditillio
Region C Commissioner-North
Bob Stover
Region C Commissioner-South
Tim Smith
Appointed Regional C Commissioner-North
John Withowski
Appointed Regional C Commissioner-South
Ed Kinsey

Region C Festival

Stay tuned for more information later this year!

Region C AGM