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Region D ODP ProcessFLORIDA 2012



FYSA is looking to identify players in the 1996-2000 boys and girls age groups.  In lieu of a trial system the ODP in Region D is handled differently. 

We will try to accomplish this in four ways:

  1. Evaluation Events- We will evaluate players in the 95-99 age groups with their teams in at least two events during the seasonal year.  We will attend one tournament in the fall and one in the spring. 
  2. Training Centers-We recommend that all players in the 98-00 age groups attend these centers for training and evaluation purposes.  This would allow the FYSA staff to compare players and manipulate roles in a player friendly situation.

These centers will be held November 11 in Panama City and December 16 in Tallahassee.  Registration materials can be found on the FYSA website FYSAODP/Gotsoccer/registrationlink. Registration is $65 per player if registered by November 6th, after that day a $25 late fee will apply. Please print out and mail to our office the ODP medical release. Please do not use the gotsoccer medical release.

Note: Players in the 2001 age group can be invited to the training centers but a recommendation from the club DOC would need to be sent to prior to the training center.

  1. League Play- It is our intention to make a third evaluation in a league play setting where the top teams in Region D would play one another.
  2. Region Trials-Players may attend the region trials in other regions around the state if they wish.
  3. Notifications- 99 and 00 players will be notified by December 31 for the January Supercenters.  96-98 players will be notified in April for the May State Trials.
  4. Registrations- 98-00 need to register for the training centers.  96 and 97 players do not need to register until they are invited to the May State Trial events.
  5. Evaluation Summary- 96-98 players will be evaluated at the October/February evaluations.  98-00 players will be evaluated at the October event and the training centers in Nov/Dec.



September/October ODP scouting evaluation 96-00 TBA
November 11 Training Center #1 98-00 Panama City
December 16 Training Center #2 98-00 Tallahassee
January 21-22 Super Center  98-99 Jacksonville
March 2 ODP Team Scouting Evaluation 96-98 Tallahassee
April 20-21 ODP State Trials 96-98 Auburndale



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