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USSF Grassroots Licenses


U.S. Soccer has announced some new and exciting changes that will go into effect in 2018. To see the U.S. Soccer official announcement please click HERE. The changes include a new introduction into the pathway, referred to as the “grassroots” path, which will focus on helping novice coaches. These changes will be implemented nationwide in 2018. With the creation of the Grassroots path, the current F and E license will no longer be taught or be a part of the U.S. Soccer Coaching Education curriculum. For current holders of these licenses, U.S. Soccer and Florida Youth Soccer will continue to recognize both as national licenses that meet all prerequisites and or coaching license standards.


The four new U.S. Soccer Grassroots license formats are as follows: 

4v4          7v7          9v9          11v11

The new structure of the Grassroots courses will allow a coach to enter the pathway in one of two separate ways: 

  1. The coach may take the Online course through the DCC
  2. The coach may take the In-Person (IP) course

Spanning 4-hours in length, each in-person Grassroots Course consists of both classroom (2 hours) and field-based (2 hours) sessions. Coaches will learn more about U.S. Soccer’s Coaching Education philosophy, Play-Practice-Play Methodology, and the Six Tasks of a Grassroots Coach among other topics. After completion of the Grassroots Courses, coaches will have the knowledge and tools to positively impact their player and the environment in which they interact.

Interested coaches may begin with any in-person or online grassroots course of their choosing following the completion of the free Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module, which is offered in U.S. Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center


4v4 In-person $50
7v7, 9v9, 11v11 In-person $75

Want to host a course? 

For those interested in hosting an in-person course please contact Mike Strickler ( or Andrew Simpson ( All in-person Grassroots courses require: 

  1. Age-appropriate players for the field session (2 hours) 
  2. Classroom including tables/chairs, whiteboard, and an area to project 
  3. Age-appropriate field space 

Together with U.S. Soccer, Florida Youth Soccer Association is committed to improving the experience and level of youth players through empowering coaches with low-barrier, easily accessible education.

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