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Same Game. New Competition.

The Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) announced in April 2016 the launch of the new FYSA Championship Series. This new initiative is part of an ongoing effort by the association to unify and restructure all state level competitions under a single banner. The series is comprised of three tournaments; the Florida State Cup, Florida Presidents Cup and the recently designed Florida Commissioner's Cup. As part of the restructure, the former competition known as Region Cup has been divided into the Florida Presidents Cup and the Florida Commissioner's Cup. The Florida Commissioner's Cup has been specifically designed to help accommodate teams that previously played in Region Cup: Division II. The championship series is available to all FYSA affiliates.

For more information about the championship series, please call the FYSA state office at 863.268.8220.

Florida Commissioner's Cup

The Florida Commissioner's Cup is a statewide competition only. Teams will play within their region before progressing to the finals at the Lake Myrtle Sports Park in Auburndale, FL. Please click the link below to visit the official webpage. 

  • Age Groups: 11U - 17U
  • 11U - Up to 3 Divisions if Applicable
  • Coaching License Requirement
  • FYSA Region Vice Presidents will schedule and coordinate sites.
  • Every round will be played within Region (A, B, C, D).
  • Finals will be played at the Lake Myrtle Sports Park in Auburndale.
  • State Championship only, no advancement beyond state level.

    For the official Florida Commissioner's Cup page, please click the link

Florida Presidents Cup

The Florida Presidents Cup is designed for those teams seeking additional challenges to play against teams of similar abilities for a national title. The cup provides a progressive, competitive experience to teams that might not otherwise get the opportunity to participate in a series of unique experiences highlighting competition, camaraderie and community from the state to regional to national levels of US Youth Soccer.

  • Region Cup Division I is now the Florida Presidents Cup
  • Age Groups: 13U - 18U
  • E License Coaching Requirement.
  • State office coordinates all schedules for Presidents Cup.
  • One game per day.
  • Round of 16 played at three state wide locations.
  • Finals played at the Lake Myrtle Sports Park in Auburndale.
  • Winners move onto Region III Presidents Cup.
  • Winners of Regionals advance onto National Presidents Cup.

  • Here are the dates for the 2019 & 2020 Florida Presidents Cup competitions. Hosting and Team Applications can be found in the corresponding links below: 

    - 2019 Florida Presidents Cup Hosting Application
    - 2019 Florida Presidents Cup Team Application
    - 2020 Florida Presidents Cup Hosting Application

    For the official Florida Presidents Cup page, please click the link here.


Florida State Cup

The Florida State Cup is the first leg of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series and is the highest premiere competition at the state level. The National Championship Series is the country's most prestigious national youth soccer tournament, providing approximately 185,000 players on over 10,000 teams from US Youth Soccer State Associations the opportunity to showcase their soccer skills against the best competition in the nation while emphasizing teamwork, discipline and fair play.