FYSA Notice: EDP Soccer League

Affiliates & Members,

The Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) received information regarding the recently affiliated EDP Soccer League, and several meetings that are occurring around the state. We are writing this letter to clarify that some of the information presented is not entirely accurate and may be perceived incorrectly. On April 23, 2019 FYSA contacted EDP and advised them of their scope, clarified their role as an affiliate member, reiterated that FYSA does not endorse one league over another, and supports all our members equally.
EDP Soccer League does not have the given authority by FYSA to promote their league as an entry point into the Florida State Premier League (FSPL). EDP Soccer League is recognized for league play only at this time.
Ongoing discussions will be held with EDP Soccer League and the USYS National League: Sunshine Conference to correct any misinformation that has been advertised in the past few weeks.
If you have any questions on this topic, please contact Dale Burke, Executive Director, of FYSA at
dburke@fysa.com or 863-268-8220 ex. 316.

Shenoy Raghuraj
Vice President of Competition,
Florida Youth Soccer Association



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