Get Your Background Check Done!


                  FYSA Reminder

Be Prepared for Next Season!

Background Checks:

Everyone can begin, as of TODAY, June 4th, 2019, submitting their Background Checks for the 19/20 Seasonal Year.  Please note you will not be Billed for any of the Risk Management submissions until August 31, 2019.


Everyone will need to do a SafeSport recertification, this should take approximately 15 Minutes.  Make sure you use the login you used last year, otherwise the program will require you to redo the entire certification again. Those that have not yet been certified, need to do the full certification. Complete your SafeSport recertification via your GotSoccer account.


Individuals only have to complete the CDC, if it is their renewal year. Remember, the CDC expires every two years, so if you took it last year, it is not required this year. If you didn’t recertify last year, you will need to retake it this year in order to be rostered to a team.

The background check and CDC information must be completed in your GotSoccer Account. Visit GotSoccer here.