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USYS Regions


The United States is split into four regions. Florida is a part of Region III. Within the state of Florida, we put together STATE TEAMS for each eligible age group. The state teams compete at a Region III tournament and the REGION TEAMS are then selected. The region teams compete and the NATIONAL TEAMS are then selected.


*Dates are approximate and may change slightly from year to year



What age groups will be included in this year's program?

  • 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 - boys and girls
  • The FYSA ODP players are identified for pools and teams based on the year they were born. Pools and teams are formed for each birth year. It is very rare that we would have a player participate in a birth year that is not their own. This is the international standard and differs from our club U12-U18 age groupings which may have multiple birth years on their teams.



  • Open trials - Open trials are used for newer players who have been seen minimally. Players can only attend one site in any trial region.
  • Scouted - Players can be evaluated in FYSA events such as State Cup, Region Cup and the FYSA Premier League as well as showcases and US Youth Soccer events. They will be invited to the next pool training if chosen.
  • Club recommendation - Players may be recommended by their clubs for evaluation and identification to the state pool. Recommendations should be made in the fall to allow for follow up evaluations.
  • Previous year's state team - A player from the previous year's state team will automatically be put in the pool for the upcoming year (this does not guarantee a spot on the team).


How do the training centers relate to the trials?

  • We will try to have first training center before the trials.We will acclimate the players to the ODP process and prepare them for the trials. We will then hold the trials which will focus on the evaluation of the players in attendance in terms of adding them to the FYSA ODP player pool.The second training center will again focus on training and evaluation of players who have not yet been identified.


The 2005, 2006 and 2007 players not selected at the trials will be invited to a camp in Florida-May 24-26 (Girls) or June 21-23 (Boys) (more information to follow)


The players selected at these trials will be invited to June 1-2, 2019 and June 8-9, 2019 with a camp in Alabama in July  (more information to follow)

Players will be notified by April 24th.   

What are the expectations for the FYSA ODP Training Centers?

Training Centers will be held for players born in 2005-2007.  The expectations for the FYSA ODP training centers will be twofold.  The primary purpose will be in regards to provide a training opportunity with our FYSA staff.  We will also be evaluating players in these age groups for the FYSA ODP player pool.  

How do I register for the POOL TRAINING/TRAINING CENTER?

  • The first step is to create an account for your athlete in GotSoccer. Once you have done that you can find the link for registration on our REGISTRATION page.


How will the State Teams be formed?

State Teams will be formed from the FYSA ODP player pool after the Feb/March FYSA ODP pool training events.  Evaluations of the players will be made in the pool training and during the seasonal year through our scouting process.  The number of teams and players will be determined based on the depth of the pool in each age group.  These players will be brought into two FYSA ODP team training events in June in preparation for the Region III ODP Camp.

What should we bring to the trials and training events?

  • Medical release (send prior to trials/training events)
  • Medical history (send prior to trials/training events)
  • Copy of the athletes insurance card (send prior to trials/training events)
  • Appropriate attire [ball, water, soccer gear, pool training shirt(s) if applicable, sunscreen]


What is the cost?

  • Open trials - $65.00
  • Training centers - $50.00
  • Pool training - $150.00
  • Camp/team training - TBD


How will we be notified if our athlete is chosen from the open trials?

  • On Sunday the players who have been chosen will be announced at the event.


How will we be notified if our athlete is chosen at a training center?

  • An email will be sent with the details.


How will we know if our athlete has made a state team?

  • A list will be posted on our website with all the names of the players who have made the team.


FYSA ODP curriculum?

  • FYSA has adopted the curriculum model of US Youth Soccer.  The model encourages a possession style of play.  Our goal is to provide training sessions that will encourage the development of the individual player and mirror the player developmental goals of US Youth and US Soccer.