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Proposed Changes to FYSA Governance Documents


Member Update

Date: May 28, 2019
To: FYSA Affiliates and Associate Members and Individual Members
From: John Stacey, President, Florida Youth Soccer Association
Re: Proposed Changes to FYSA Governance Documents


The FYSA Board of Directors is proposing to replace the current governing documents with newly drafted Bylaws and Policies linked below. The next step in the process is to engage FYSA members and seek your support for these changes. Please send all questions and comments to We will review and respond weekly to questions received.


In the spring of 2018, the BOD recognized the need to engage outside assistance to evaluate the operations of FYSA to better align our BOD and Staff to serve our members better. Based on recommendations, we met with Brad Stinson, CEO of The Collective Global. After careful consideration, the BOD engaged The Collective and began an introspective process to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement, impact, and growth. Rules, governance, and board organization were recurring themes.

To address those three areas, we determined that the FYSA Bylaws and Rules were overdue for review. In order to expedite the process and provide an outside perspective, we sought help from Mr. Jim Cosgrove, a longtime USYS staff member. During his time with USYS, Mr. Cosgrove successfully led that organization through a similar process. Once engaged, Jim’s original instructions and his intent was to revise the bylaws and rules to remove redundancy and increase clarity. After a thorough review, he concluded that a substantial reorganization of both the by-laws and rules (now policies) were necessary to achieve the goal of a cohesive set of governing documents and these proposed documents were delivered in early March 2019.

Since March, the BOD and Rules Committee has engaged in important conversations about the proposed changes. Much of the accompanying information directly resulted from those conversations. In addition to the Draft Bylaws and Policies, a newly revised FYSA Procedures Manual for Affiliates is provided. The processes currently housed in the Bylaws and Rules have been transitioned to the Procedures Manual. The Board will update the Procedures Manual to ensure alignment with best practice. Changes to the Manual will be communicated to the membership for ratification at the next AGM.

BOD Members will attend Regional AGMs to seek feedback and answer questions. Additionally, a series of conference calls will be scheduled. I look forward to answering your questions and hearing your feedback.

Regional phone calls will be coordinated by Jim Cosgrove and John Stacey every Tuesday night after the Region AGMs during the month of June. The June 25th phone call will be open to all. Additional phone meetings are being planned for July.

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Supporting Documentation

FAQ - Bylaw & Policy Changes



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