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FYSA 15 Mile Rule - Member Notice


August 19, 2020

FYSA Membership:

On Tuesday, August 18, 2020 the FYSA Board of Directors unanimously voted to amend several FYSA Rules regarding the ‘15 mile rule’ again. This action was taken in accordance with FYSA Bylaw 13.2:


The FYSA Rules may be amended annually at the AGM by a majority vote of the members present as verified by the Credentials Committee. Also, the FYSA Rules may be amended during any regular or special meeting of the BOD, and then ratified by the membership at the AGM, and on an emergency basis by the BOD.

Pursuant to FYSA 4002.1, FYSA is informing the membership of these amendments:


4002.1  Rules and Regulations amendments may be submitted and changed in the same manner and procedures as the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws with the following exceptions:

  1. Majority vote of the general membership present at the AGM for passage.
  2. Suspended or amended Rules between AGMs by the BOD must be ratified by the general membership at the following AGM.
  3. Notification of suspension or amendment must be sent to all Affiliates when ratified by the BOD within fifteen (15) days of the action having been taken.

At the bottom of this notice, please find the specific amendments to the FYSA Rules effective immediately. The FYSA Board of Directors made these amendments due to a conflict between the amended rules and FYSA Bylaw 1.5:


In keeping with its purpose to provide overall guidance and leadership for the advancement of youth soccer, FYSA shall offer membership to those clubs, leagues, and organizations interested in the responsibility for the administration of programs and services. Affiliates and Associate membership and registration requirements shall be enumerated within the Rules and Regulations (“Rules”).

Membership in FYSA, and its affiliate members, shall be open to soccer players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, and officials not subject to suspension under USSF Bylaw 241, Section 4 and to any amateur soccer organization in FYSA’s territory. FYSA will not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin.

By registration with or application for membership with FYSA, any player, coach, administrator, affiliate, associate affiliate, or other category as may be so designated hereby agrees to comply with all FYSA by- laws, rules and policies as may now be in effect or may be instituted in the future as well as the bylaws, rules and policies of other organizations to which FYSA may be affiliated both now or in the future.

The FYSA Rules and Revision Committee confirmed the bylaw and rule conflict in their examination of the 2020 FYSA Proposed Bylaw and Rule Amendments.

The FYSA Board exercises authority under Bylaw 13.2 to amend by striking text in the following rules:

101.9(1) - 1. An  Affiliate is defined as an organization that may register players and coaches with FYSA.  A full affiliate shall by defined as either a recreational affiliate or a full affiliate.   a. i. A Recreational affiliate shall administer only recreational based programs, either in house or within a certified recreational league. A recreational affiliate may be exempted from the 15 mile radius requirement as outlined under FYSA Rule 102.2 with the approval of the BOD as follows: i. If the existing affiliates within the 15 mile radius do not offer recreational programs.

102.2   INITIAL AFFILIATION   Affiliation must be for the good of soccer in the Region,  and State of Florida.  All new full affiliates must affiliate within the region where they physically reside, or in the region in which the majority of its players reside and/or physically play the majority of their home games.   In addition, no new affiliation may be granted if the new affiliate’s home field is within a fifteen (15) mile radius of an existing FYSA affiliate, unless

  1. The new affiliate obtains the support of all existing FYSA affiliates within the specified radius, or
  2. The new affiliate is a fully-funded youth subsidiary of a MLS organization.

102.3 - The completed affiliation application packet, items 1-6, shall be submitted to FYSA’s State Office not later than thirty (30) days prior a scheduled meeting of the BOD. FYSA will verify that the application is complete and all necessary supporting documentation is present.  For any affiliation application not completed by thirty (30) days prior to the date of a scheduled BOD meeting, all documentation and/or fees will be returned to the applicant for re-filing at a later date.  FYSA will then forward a copy of all documentation regarding the new affiliation to the Vice President of Administration and Communication.  FYSA’s Vice President of Administration and Communication will notify the RVP in the region in which the new affiliation would reside.  The FYSA office will notify all affiliates within a 15 mile radius and request that any objections be submitted to the office no later than seven (7) days prior to the next scheduled meeting of the BOD.  FYSA’s Vice President of Administration and Communication shall only present the completed applications at the next BOD meeting.
The complete packet will consist of: 1. Completed affiliation application form. 2. Affiliate fee. New affiliates will pay an affiliation fee for the first two (2) years in the amount of $1500.00/year to be utilized as follows: Affiliation fee of $135.00, prepaid registration fees in the amount of $1365.00 (Any unused registration fees not utilized in the first two years will be carried forward to the third year affiliation.  At the end of the third year, all unused registration fees will revert to FYSA’s general fund.)    A. A waiver to Rule 102.3 (2) (the additional $1365.00/yr.) may be granted if it is in the best interest of FYSA.   B. A written request for waiver must be submitted with the application for affiliation.  This request for waiver must be approved by the RVP, and the BOD of FYSA.  The decision of the BOD is final, binding and not appealable by any of the parties. 3. Playing field availability; written proof of playing field availability  4. Letter from a league in which your affiliate’s teams will be scheduled. 5. Letter from the local DRA indicating FSR’s capability to serve your club.  6. Must furnish to FYSA a copy of the affiliates bylaws and rules 7. Must have a certified assignor. 8. Support of all current affiliates within 15 mile radius, if applicable.

104.3 - Each affiliate, full and associate, shall complete an annual affiliation form, as approved by the BOD of FYSA, no later than July 1 of the current seasonal year.  The annual affiliation form is electronic and may only be submitted by the Agent of Record. The annual affiliation fee, as listed in FYSA Rule 303, is due at the time of re-affiliation. No player or coach may be registered for the current seasonal year until the affiliate’s annual affiliation form has been completed, filed and accepted by the FYSA office.  All fields used by the affiliate for games, practices or training must be declared annually.  Any changes to these fields must be submitted to the FYSA office within ten (10) days for approval by the BOD within fortyeight (48) hours period. No Associate Affiliate may hold any sanctioned event until the member’s annual affiliation form has been completed, filed and accepted by the FYSA office. On a date set annually by the BOD, the FYSA office will process those renewal applications submitted for affiliates and associate affiliates who: 1. Are in good standing 2. Have no unresolved challenges to their affiliation on file. 3. Have, as a full affiliate, registered more than 50 players in the preceding seasonal year. 4. Have not used fields located more than 15 miles from their primary home field in which the affiliation was granted for FYSA sanctioned player training and/or home games, with the exception of  FYSA  sanctioned tournaments. The BOD may grant an exception for the use of any field from 15 to 35 miles from their primary field, provided that it is not declared as a primary or secondary field of another affiliate. 5.  Have all administrative officers/personnel complete the FYSA Risk Management. 6.  Must have a certified assignor who also must complete FYSA Risk Management. 7.  Must show that they have hosted an entry level and two re-certification referee courses in the last three years. 8.  If unforeseen situations arise which are out of the control of the affiliate, they may petition the FYSA BOD for an exception to rule 104.3

Please contact the FYSA State Office with any specific questions.


Florida Youth Soccer Association
Board of Directors