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The FYSA Olympic Development Program will be going through changes during the current 2013-2014 year.  A program description  and FAQ for the year can be found by clicking on the link.

 The current structure of trial based identifications will move more to a scouting based system.  We will still be holding Fall trials in the 2001 age group and trials for 1997-2000 players. Players in the 2000-2002 age groups will also have a training centers.

The mission of the Florida Youth Soccer Association is to identify players for our men’s and women’s Youth National Teams.  The selection process takes place through state, regional and national events.

The primary benefit to the player is to be able to train, play, and compete against the best players in their age group.  This allows the best players to be with the best in order to further their development as soccer players.

Our State Staff is comprised of professional, college, high school, and club coaches.  All of these coaches are nationally licensed by US Soccer.  It is the goal of our staff to conduct these trials in a far and impartial manner.

Florida Youth Soccer Association encourages always look for ways to challenge and improve themselves as players.  We continue to strive to make this program the finest in the country.  

For any questions you can reach either Jaime Garzon, or Michael Strickler,
Please click HERE for medical release. It must be mail to the office. 2828 Lake Myrtle Park Road, Auburndale, FL 33823

Olympic Development Program (ODP) Coaching Staff, Administrators and Volunteers

All Coaches, Administrators, and volunteers that are selected to participate in the ODP program must be cleared by a mandatory online background check. In order for Florida Youth Soccer to process this check, all coaches, administrators, and volunteers must create and complete the registration process through GotSoccer.

For more specific information please reference the resource links located on the left of this page.

Region III ODP Page

ODP Staff

Director of Coaching & Player Development --- Mike Strickler

Administrator of Coaching & Player Development --- Jaime Garzon

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